It does make a difference...

I'm a one woman show taking care of every aspect of my business. Everything from designing, metalsmithing, marketing, and photography you name it and I do it. I wouldn't have it any other way!

My business practices align with my love for our environment. Mining is a destructive industry that is rated as one of the top 5 of worst polluting industries globally- destroying the environment, polluting groundwater, killing life both human and animal for decades to come.*

I know that statement makes you want to go out and buy some gold jewelry right? My hope is that by becoming more informed, we can make better choices with our hard-earned dollars. Ask where your metals and diamonds come from. How were they sourced? It DOES matter....

By employing green studio practices, and using only recycled metals in every piece I build, I feel I've lessened my impact on our earth. I buy my stones from well-respected lapidary artists and dealers. My silver and gold sheet/wire comes from a U.S. refinery– Hoover and Strong– who have been certified in using 100% recycled metals.



I love the way metal can be manipulated by heat and hammer yielding itself into something soft to the eye, yet substantial to the touch. By using traditional techniques in non-traditional ways, I allow the piece to become itself, instead of trying to plan the outcome. My process creates one of a kind pieces that do not lend themselves to mass production.

I am inspired by all things natural–plants in particular–as I am especially drawn to vines, roots and tendrils. My technique developed from a reverence for the earth– loving her natural forms, colors and textures.  If nature is my inspiration, then to do no more harm to her becomes my mantra.  I work exclusively in recycled metals- gold, argentium silver, copper. steel and bronze holding myself accountable to our environment through green studio practices.

My designs have an organic feel that can move from casual to formal and yet remain timeless. My jewelry creates an attitude towards life-it resonates with people who honor the journey the elements have traveled and the people’s lives touched. Making connections between the raw elements and the new form, my wish is that my work brings a sense of conscience contentment to the wearer, knowing that they have invested in an ethically-made piece.

~Cheryl Kelly


*Dirty Metals
Mining, Communities, and the Environment
: A report by Earthworks and Oxfam America.