This is amazing...

I’m feeling both honored and thrilled.  An opportunity has arisen for me to be the featured artist for the month of February at Solder and Stone Jewelry Company. This lovely store and gallery is the dream of Nell Henry and her partner Tim Campbell. It is located in the picturesque town of Hayden, Idaho- think resort town of nearby Coeur d'Alene and you have a good idea of the natural beauty of the area.

What makes this so special to me, besides the obvious perk of having my jewelry available to touch and hold by people from all over the world, is that this couple holds dear my values of jewelry making. Using recycled metals, fairly traded and cut gemstones and consideration and proper disposal of the waste we generate- well, this is the perfect fit for me! I knew this arrangement was going to work well, when she opened the box I had shipped to her and said, “I knew exactly who you were when I saw your pieces, and each piece kept getting better and better!”

Thank you Nell, and here’s to a lasting friendship. Wishing you abundance and continued success!

Reflection- what happened?

Lola Jones wrote:

...Be still and hear the words of the Divine from will sound just like you, only smarter...

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Clear everything that does not bring you joy


These were my words of the divine this morning. I can say “my divine” speaks very loud and clear. The message couldn't have come at a better time too, even though 4 am is a wee bit early for divine messages.

I was glad to see 2017 end- was it just me, or did it seem like the whole world was screaming for help, or maybe just to be heard? Last year brought personal loss of family, friends fighting serious disease, a world that seemed ready to blow at any moment, Mother Earth sure was pissed, and one big, fat existential crisis. Yep, I questioned the very foundation of what my life meant, what was my real purpose, what was I supposed to be doing on this big, beautiful planet?

So I did what any self-respecting INFP introvert would do- I froze. For a year. I couldn't start anything, finish anything, create anything. Nothing came…nothing. But that was last year.

Today feels different, a sense of renewed hope if you will!  A frigid January brings a brand new beginning that doesn't feel cliche. After all, I'm still breathing, so I can change what is in my power to change. I can find joy, even if I really have to look hard to find it- it's out there, I feel it.

Today I'm showing up for me.

I'm starting right where I am

I’m clearing myself out- healthy eating, physical clutter, and meditation practice to better “hear” what my soul has to say


I'll let you know how it goes, thanks for listening.


Déjà Vu Art and Fine Craft Show

Life happened to me most of 2017 and I wasn't able to make as many, well actually ANY personal appearances this year. It's just the way it was...

BUT, I'm happy to say that I'll be participating in Déjà Vu Art and Fine Craft show again. This is my favorite show anyway, and it's always good to see familiar faces and clients that have become friends of mine. I love it when you come up and show me how our jewelry is "still making you happy" or ended up "being the perfect gift" for that impossible to buy for person.

A heart-felt Thank You. I'll see you Nov. 11 at the Commons in Columbus, Indiana!

Check them out at:



brief story

From my earliest childhood, the energy of organic materials and the joy of creating with my hands drew me with magnetic force. I grew up fascinated by the tool shed of my grandfather, a carpenter and farmer who fashioned everything his family needed with his own hands. He built his own forge, even his own tools from scrap metal because nothing was ever wasted. His amazing creativity—borne of necessity—inspired me to choose a creative career myself.

In addition to the inheriting the family “fire” for metal smithing, I’ve always been fascinated, too, by the energetic powers of organic materials. Metals and gems come from deep within the earth. I believe that just as we draw them out from where they lie hidden, they in turn have the power to draw out what lies hidden inside of us. After a career in photography and web design, I took the next natural step to transfer my fascination with organic elements into full-time jewelry-making.

Originally, metal smithing started as a hobby to help relieve my stress from corporate work. Nature became my other day-to-day release. A walk in the woods can work wonders for me, and I think that's why my designs today have such a plant-like aesthetic. It’s also why from the earliest days of my metal smithing practice, I committed to reclaiming scrap metal and upcycling gems, as well as using substances and materials that nurture the planet. 

My style is soft and nurturing. No two pieces are ever like. As an artist goal is to achieve “perfect imperfection”—just like nature delivers. Within this prefect imperfection, each piece reaches out and speaks to its new owner, forging anew that ancient connection between us and our planet.

the workshop still operates as it was...

the workshop still operates as it was...